Lucky guy with 7 lotto wins shares his experience

Lucky guy with 7 lotto wins

Togel player with 7 wins shares his tricks to use in Find out how to get closer to the lottery jackpot by following a real pro’s experience through the years.

We’ve met a person who claims to have won 7 times (not in a row, bet, seven is a big number) in a lottery. Although this person hasn’t met the lucky bird on his shoulder via an online lotto provider such as, but instead, he got all of the 7 winning tickets from a physical lotto spot, this person has something to tell you. The tips he shares are so fundamental that there’s no difference where you play your most beloved game. Whether you are a classical lotto person, who goes to the supermarket and comes back at home with 10 tickets, or a typical modern togel lover that has a registration in a modern lotto platform, this lucky 7-time lottery winner has lots of cool tips and tricks to share with you. Here there are:

  • Forget about those software products for randomly generation of lotto numbers. Also, forget about the quick picking up of the numbers if you prefer physical lotto tickets. In both of these cases you don’t integrate either your lucky aura, or your strategic style. And it would not be fortune, but a magic if you win a lottery via any of these approaches.
  • Hence, your instinct is something you should definitely listen to. Do not silent your inner voice, because even science has proved it – sometimes, our mind works in a way we cannot explain, but naively describe as a phenomena. Our 7-time lotto winner believes that human’s consciousness has a lot of skills we cannot even predict or know, which is why a sudden thought of a number to write in a lotto ticket might not be by chance, but a calculation our mind has made deeply in our brain.
  • Don’t play togel games just because you want to win, but instead, play the game with the thought that you want to win for a certain reason. This approach works as a self-motivation strategy that can eventually make you more stubborn and more successful. On the other side, if you believe in positive thinking and how our mind can actually materialize thoughts in reality, on mandatory think about the way you can spend the money from a lottery every time you get a new ticket.
  • Spread your chances among the lotto stores or the online providers such as Our friend, who has won 7 times in a lottery even used to have a route for ticket picking. He started at the nearest spot from his home and made walks around his city to get the rest of the tickets for the daily lotto program. The idea is to maximize the percentage of the probability to win by expanding the sources of these probability.

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