Do you know how a casino wins from poker punters?

wins from poker

Here’s how the company win money from you as a poker player. Find out what rake means and how it affects the gambling provider’s income from the customers now.

Have you ever wonder how come a big gambling company offers poker services without getting the chance to win something in return? Well, as a matter of fact, you are wrong if you believe that poker products are just listed in a bookmaker’s assortment of services to satisfy punters. Companies do win from any game or service they offer. You just might not be fully aware how they do it…

It’s obvious that in sport betting or in traditional casino games like slots or roulette, customers play against the gambling provider (whether the sportsbook or the casino company). This is why if the spin is not successful for the punter, this punter losses and the company wins money from this punter. Same goes for the sport bets – if the sport prediction appears to be wrong, the company gets the sport bet amount.

Ok, but things with the poker games are completely different. When you play poker – whether online or offline you don’t play against the casino provider. You play against the rest of the poker lovers. How does the company then win from all of you, poker players?

If you have ever heard about the word “rake” but outside of its gardening meaning, then, this material isn’t for you as you must be aware of the way the casino company wins from its poker lovers. The word RAKE is indeed the answer to the question “How does the poker provider win money from its players?”

Though, what’s rake anyway?

Rake is a term from the world of online gambling and specifically from poker providers. In short, this is the % of the cash any company with poker services saves for its budget from absolutely any cash game pot in a form of a commission. That’s why, as a matter of fact, companies that offer a big range of poker services actually win from almost any punter’s action.

There’s one hypothesis in which poker companies might earn money from their customers in a different way. It’s when the company is a poker agent. In this case, the company doesn’t offer any poker services officially, but serves the role as a third party – a representative – between the poker player and the official poker service providers. Usually, these thirds parties receive commissions as percentages of the punter’s income. Sometimes, the agents are just paid on a monthly basis for the services they provide the customers – making registrations in bookmakers the customers are not allowed to join, managing the playing account, making blinds on different poker tables and even participating in tournaments.

In all cases, the dependence between the successful punter’s game and the company’s income from this punter is very little. It doesn’t matter if the punter wins or not. In all cases, the poker provider receives money from the punter’s actions.

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