Winning Bitcoin Dice Strategies

Bitcoin Dice Strategies

Even after you understand how to play Bitcoin Dice, you shouldn’t rush straight into the playing field. You will face masters of the game as opponents, and the only way for you to level the playing field would be by learning the strategies you need to employ to increase your chances of winning the game. Learning these strategies is important because this remains a game of chance. You choose what your desired range is then you predict if your rolled dice is higher or lower.

What this means is that without a strategy, you will be rolling blind and more likely to lose most, if not all your games.

Note that even though the game runs on the blockchain network, you have to understand everything about probabilities. We recommend learning and employing the following Bitcoin dice strategies:


The most common Bitcoin gambling strategies and also called the betting progression strategy, it’s a strategy that appears to cause most incidents involving big loses. It is, however, a simple strategy.

It states that you should choose a bet with the highest likelihood of returning double the value of your bet if you win and start betting. With this strategy, in the event of a win, you have to get back to your original wager, but if you lose, you double up on your bet so that if you win later, you’ll make the value of your original wager in the profits.

Unfortunately, this strategy will most likely bankrupt you because your chances of losing at any time will not change if you don’t change the game you are playing. Note that even if you flip an entirely fair coin, the chances of flipping heads 10 times is unlikely and also, there is a 50 percent chance of flipping tails. Don’t forget that with every loss, you have to increase the value of your original wager to win back the original value. The more you lose, the higher the amount of the original wager.

So, unless you understand this, you shouldn’t apply the strategy.

Paroli or Reverse Martingale

This strategy involves decreasing the value of your wager on winnings. It is the opposite of the Martingale strategy where the water increases.

Using the Paroli strategy, you double your wager after a win, and after a loss, you reset the wager to the original value. Also, after 3 consecutive wins, you have to go back to your original wager.

When is this an appropriate strategy? Well, this strategy works well if you are a low-risk gambler and if you prefer the consistent but small wins. Don’t forget that this strategy is not foolproof and you may start losing suddenly.


If you want to get the most out of your money, then you could try this strategy.  It has a low exposure. Using this strategy, your bets increase by 1 unit of your original wager after every loss and the bets decrease by 1 unit for every win. This means that your bankroll will not change too much at the end of the game.

The wager for the prizes

This is where you decide to wager the smallest amount possible on your highest possible chance, and you do not increase or lower your original stakes, whether you win or lose. It works well if you want to reach the site’s wagering requirements to improve your level at the Bitcoin Casinos.

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