Sportsbook Betting Singapore – Top Tips to Make Successful Bets in 2021

Sportsbook Betting Singapore

Do you want to make a wager with a friend for your favorite sport? If you hail from the Lion Country and want to make successful bets this year, you’ll find our top tips to sportsbook betting Singapore helpful.

Sportsbook betting in Singapore is no joke. You need strategies to pull off a wager and tilt the odds in your favor. But, how?

Top tips to a successful sportsbook betting Singapore

They say gambling depends on luck, but veteran sports bettors know it takes analytics and foresight to keep your money. Here is what the pros tell us of their winning strategies.

Research your industry and bet

Research a particular sport and see how the game is going to end. This means you need to take an eye over the team’s position and playoff implications. For instance, an NFL gameplay has several factors like home-field advantages, coaching performance, or offensive and defensive stats. Don’t just rely on a spread bet, but rather, make detailed research on the teams.

Limit your bets to a few wagers

New and casual bettors will flood the play zone on the board with their bets. What if we tell you that winning sportsbook bettors limit their wagers to meaningful playoffs only? Don’t spread your bankroll to smaller bets until you’re ready to diversify your pay.

Rethink about your parlays

New bettors would take the easy route of risking a little for big payoffs through parlays. A parlay is a type of wager by having two or more bets on a ticket to increase the payout from a winner. But, what if your parlay lost a single leg in the playoffs? Parlays can be complicated, unless, you’ve mastered the game or have spare money on your bankroll.

Keep track of your records

Fresh bettors don’t often track their winnings, losses, and bankrolls. This will become difficult to know how much of your money is rolled out for wagers. Remember – stick to the budget. Besides, you need to study those records consistently to improve your chances of winning.

Try different sportsbook betting Singapore playoffs

There’s a pool of online casinos out there and K9win is a foreign betting site open to Singaporeans. The portal has massive betting options for sports aficionados with spectacular graphics and real money games for you to get your hands on. What’s more, it’s easier to compare odds and lines of wagers than on land-based casinos.

What sports Singaporeans love to bet on?

Singaporeans can choose any sport to bet on, but, there are playoffs more popular than others. Are you ready to know what you are up against?

Football. Many Singaporeans bet on the English Premier League and La Liga Spain. The World Cup playoff is an event bettors wouldn’t miss.

Cricket. The sport is quite popular in Singapore, especially when the country is pitted against neighboring regions.

Basketball. The NBA and other major basketball competitions around the world are events Singaporeans love to go online and place their bets.

Is it safe to wager on sports betting in Singapore?

The Remote Gambling Bill prohibits online sportsbook betting. However, a foreign betting site like K9win is under various jurisdictions. While the portal accepts bets from Singaporeans, it’s important to be careful, lest, you’ll find yourself slapped with a $5,000 fine or 6 months imprisonment.

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