What age do you need to be to gamble online?

gamble online

The legal age to gamble online varies, not just among countries but also casinos. Know the minimum age to be able to gamble online at a casino.

The legal age to gamble at a casino is generally twenty one. Many people think that eighteen is the minimum age required to play at casinos, whether in Las Vegas or Macau. This is not true. Casinos entertain adults, which means anyone who is over the age of eighteen, but most establishments have a stipulation allowing only those aged twenty one or older to play any of the games. There is a distinction among the many games available at casinos. The scenario is different for online gaming sites such as 2BCasino.

As a general rule, adults or those who are eighteen years old and above can gamble. In some cases, such as bingo, the age is lowered to sixteen. The general rule pertaining to eighteen years of age or adulthood is also accepted online. Almost all online casinos entertain adults aged eighteen and above. Some casinos may make an exception but that is not the rule. One of the prerequisites to play at an online casino is a bank account, credit card, digital wallet or some kind of payment gateway to facilitate the deposits and withdrawals. Most banks and credit card companies do not issue accounts to minors. The add-on accounts provided to teenagers usually have restrictions or parental control. Since a minor is unlikely to have a credit card and a bank account, one is unable to gamble online anyway. It should be noted that online casinos usually do not ask for proof of identity or any evidence to prove the age.

While players aged less than eighteen cannot gamble online, they can still play the games. Many online gaming sites like 2BCasino have free versions of the popular games. Whether it is poker or baccarat among other games, there are free versions that can be played by anyone without making any deposit. Casinos are generous with the guidelines for such games. Anyone can play these games, regardless of their age. However, if one has to play the real game using actual money then a bank account, card or some other legitimate and acceptable mode of payment should be available. This naturally makes most minors ineligible.

Ideally, it is not the age but the expertise that matters, especially in case of real games that are played with actual money. There have been professional poker players who have won championships while being underage or below the threshold of eighteen years.

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