Just like a profession, every sport which is played in this entire globe requires specific set of skills! If you are successful in one sport then that doesn’t mean that you will master them all! Many of the successful soccer players can never be good cricket players and we all know this fact! There are range of physical, mental and emotional factors which contributes in your performance. Master of chess may not be as physically fir as a rowing player but he has more mental strength and control than anybody else. So there are whole range of factors which influence your success in sports and should interact in a correct manner to ensure long term success!

Apart from muscular endurance and anaerobic capacity, there are several other factors which are compared and hold importance for success in sports. It is actually a mixture of physical, emotional and mental stability and endurance and the one who understands how to blend all of them in right proportions is actually a true sportsman! Here are the ones which can help you in executing the technique of sports in right fashion.

  1. Body composition: Height, weight and strength plays a very major role. An overweight person with unbalanced distribution of muscle and fat cannot be fit to play soccer. Similarly a fit person but with short height can’t play basketball! So the distribution of muscle and fat should be appropriate in a sports man!
  2. Speed/ Quickness: Speed is something which you can obtain by increasing your capacity of running and working out hard. But quickness to move quickly across the ground or moving rapidly to grab or take throw is something which needs mental strength, concentration along with physical fitness. Thus, it is a prime component!
  3. Coping with pressure: While this is something which we all have to do in our lives but a sportsman has to perform under pressure! We get a little tensed and worried under such situations but they have to perform under every condition! And they never get a second chance! The ability to stay focused and performing up to the expectations under changing conditions and increasing pressure requires lot of mental strength!
  4. Analytic and tactical ability: As stated above, it’s not about physical strength but also about ability of the mental system to evaluate and react to strategic situations. Sachin Tendulkar judged how to play Shane Warne’s ball through his tactical and analytic ability and the same is required because as a sports person you have to deal with deliveries of different kinds of opponents and you can never play a standard game! You have to be dynamic and agile to win the league.

Motivation & Self-confidence: Last but not the least, these two are the key factors for success in any sphere of life; be it sports, studies or office assignment! A motivated and confident player has the ability to beat all odds and mould the waves in favourable direction. It might be ‘tagged’ as arrogance in players but a focused player having belief in him can never fail in any race of life!

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