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When poker comes to the topic, there come Alex Dreyfus, and he always thinks hugely and constructively to make poker better.

He has launched many supreme business models in the poker business. To name a few include the American Poker Awards, Conference, and recently the Global Poker League projects.


Poker A Sport? How to Make it better?

Once fan support gains momentum, it becomes easy to sell poker as a sport. One out of every 4 individual in the US has become a fan of poker. This steady ranking will help to sell players to the top sponsors.

The feel Alex Dreyfus on USPoker has explained that with the fund collected from sponsors, it becomes easy to make Global Poker League a grand success. He has managed to collect $4.9 million as investment capital and significant share from the mainland China.

The money will be used to consult sports marketing consultants and enhance the company’s awareness and network. Currently, Dreyfus has a plan of improving the current team size to 25.


U.S. Market and Poker

Alex Dreyfus on PokerUpdate mentions that US market will stand on the top and in fact, it has a pride of being the poker’s birthplace.

North America and the US would contribute to 50% marketing and 30% from Europe including South America and Latin. Finally, Asia will make 10%.


Global Poker League

The expectation of GPL to happen would happen in the US. The exact place has not been known yet. Also, it may not happen in casinos as Dreyfus plans to remove poker out of gambling in his version.

The players will get paid for participating and will not post any buy-ins, which is the primary reason for poker GPL not happening in casinos.


GPL Basics

  • 1000 players and more on the top list will be called as draftable players, and their consent to play the league is essential. Close to 80 can accord approval as expected.
  • After that, the player name will get drafted in the teams along with a mention of their salary cap.
  • Then those players will get traded, and this will continue every year after the drafting.
  • This will allow the poker fan to understand which player would become part of the team and how the GPL match would progress.
  • No longer 100 or 1000 players will fight for the 6 final spots on the table and fans can easily understand that only a few players will make the GPL showcase the best.


Dreyfus Approach to GPL

  1. He has made the Global Poker Index (GPI) ranking system as the ranking system in most of the poker tournament series including the EPT, WPT, and the WSOP.


  1. Also, he has kept GPI as the central focus and added the European Poker Awards, Hendon Mob, American Poker Award, etc.


  1. The list of asset creation has happened by making the Fantasy Poker Manager and the Global Poker Masters.


All these will let the GPL happen in a structured manner.


How does the new GPL Approach Pay Off?

  • Hendon Mob will serve as the database of the tournament.
  • The GPI has now become the tournament ranking system.
  • The American and European Poker Award ceremony will bring the best GPI players from every country to light.
  • The fantasy poker manager will allow the user to draft the fantasy poker team.
  • The Global Poker Masters will not get the identification as GPI World Cup. Players from top 8 countries will play GPI world cup.


GPL Playing Format

  • The three different arenas include live, studio, and online fields.
  • Every week online event will happen. GPI with its platform will make it independent of the present clients.
  • The game would involve more interaction and look at hole cards will be possible. The commentators will interpret and analyze the situation before the unfolding of the board.
  • Every GPM event will have different formats. No one will have an invite for the tournament and focus has got shifted to the poker’s event character.
  • The player committee will get the challenges and constant adjustment happens alongside connecting with poker community will take place.



With a new approach, Dreyfus takes a big gamble and working towards remove poker from the gambling arena. He will undoubtedly succeed in the attempt.

He has already made the combined power to work together. Namely, the independent brands such as British Poker Award, Hendon and GPI successful in their areas will work together. Irrespective of the result of the Global Poker League in the new approach, but it will make an opening line in Dreyfus bio.


Everyone must wait and watch the happening, and indeed this will bring a sensation to the poker fanatics mind.

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