The growth of gambling industry in Canada

gambling industry in Canada

Check out why gambling in Canada is so popular today. Discover some interesting facts about the Canadian casino world.

The history of Canadian gambling market is both – interesting and a bit strange. Although, as a whole gambling in Canada has been always legal, there are still odd things that are determined as not allowed. For instance if you are in a search of an option for gambling in Canada via your desktop or mobile device, you will find only foreign Canadian houses operating in the country and almost no local websites. Why do we say almost? Because although it is illegal to open a Canadian gambling website here, there are many platforms of this type that are both – legal and based in Canada. To be more specific, we are talking about Canadian gambling platforms that are placed in a concrete Canadian territory – and it’s the territory of Kahnawake.

Remember the name of Kahnawake. This region name is something that has been always related with Canadian gambling market. It’s also the name that we can link with the growth of the Canadian casino and sport betting industry.

First of all, Kahnawake is the place where the most acknowledged Canadian gambling regulator is situated. This is the agency that can allow an international betting house or a casino from another, different foreign country to operate in Canada. Now you might understand why exactly Kahnawake-based online casinos are allowed to operate for local players.

Second of all, we should also mention Kahnawake gambling law. This is the last law written within the sphere of legal Canadian gambling market. By saying legal, we should emphasize on the fact that here there are many illegal casinos and scams you can come upon. Make sure not to appear in such, because the consequences for you might be catastrophic. You will be charged as a criminal, but before that you might be even robbed.

But the question in this article is mainly “Why?”. Why has the Canadian gambling market grown that much for the last couple of years? Besides the regulation power that it has achieved from Kahnawake, there are several more reasons we should mention:

  1. Gambling seems to have a very wide audience. Unlike the situations in many other countries, there’s a big range of ages within which the local gamblers fit. For example, a recent study has shown that about every second internet user in Canada between 20 and 26 year old has played casino games. But on the other side, there are also a big number of Canadian players who are older than 50-years old.
  2. There’s a huge abundance of websites to choose from and all of them are strictly checked. Yes, there are scams, too. But is there any country where bad casino websites do not exist? We don’t think so. The thing is that the local Canadian regulator does its job very precisely and the officially declared as allowed casino platforms are very reputable and attractive.
  3. Many casino games are possible to be played in Canada – both, in physical rooms and in traditional online gambling platforms. The Canadian approach in the gambling market is offering as many casino types as possible. As a result of this, the standard user can easily find something suitable.

The growth of the Canadian gambling market is not by chance, but a tendency we will see dramatically expanding in future. We are sure about that.

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