Sports and strength are believed to be two sides of same coin. Sports are not only good for your physical health but also for your mental and emotional strength. You get to learn a lot by playing and watching sports! Sports are a great avenue to channelize energy and vitality of students and make their leisure hours worthwhile. Hence, it is necessary that the habit of sports is inculcated among juniors on priority basis so that they can learn various aspects related to sports and incorporate them in their lives.

Just reiterating again, sports are a great medium to become a person full of gratitude, respect, disciplined and hard work! Read on further to understand.

  1. Source of recreation: Both playing and watching sports provide relief and sense of relaxation. It gives a new ray of hope and excitement in life. It simply colours the dull and boring picture of life. The hard work and experience of international players is always inspirational. Also, sports persons face lot of challenges but the spirit which keeps them active throughout is commendable and provides an amazing lesson to a person of every age group.
  2. Team Spirit: Sports teaches spirit of team building and camaraderie. It is not possible for one player to hit runs or kick goal and win the match. Behind success of every team there are various contributors and thus it builds team spirit. A team which stays together, eats together and plays together is actually a team. Also, as a team you learn how to handle conflicts and encourage group effort in resolving issues.
  3. Quality lifestyle: People who are good in sports also exhibit a lifestyle of great quality. This is because they follow active lifestyle and eat good diet which make them active in day to day chores and also leads to balanced mental development. Also, since you get to develop your circle across group of few people you get to learn from people of different backgrounds which broaden your opinion and build a positive perception about people. You learn about different cultures and thus improve your quality of life.
  4. Sense of discipline: Sports also imparts a sense of discipline. It helps you in learning how every minute, fraction of minute and even a second decides the fate of sportsmen! There are many sports like wrestling where the player just get 6 minutes to prove his talent and if he fails then he has to wait another 4 years for games which happen once in few years! The dedication and discipline which sports teach is incomparable!

Spirit of healthy competition: In a game one team loses and other wins and that is the rule of universe! But losing a game is a symbol of inspiration to work more hard and win next time! You never lose like ‘loser’ in game! It’s a matter of great pride that you took a decision to play and thus sports palpitates healthy spirit of competition among individuals and gives a precious opportunity to work on weak points and improve them for life!

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