Clear-cut Baccarat Systems Clarified

There is no luck in Baccarat, simply chance.  If you want to have an edge, there is something you can do that will make the game easier for you.

GCLUB BACCARAT is a fairly new online casino that is quickly gaining popularity as one of the best sites available.  They offer bonuses to their guests including doubling up on the deposit that you make into your account or giving you extra money to gamble with on certain games.  The casino offers a wide range of games for you to play including the infamous baccarat.

Baccarat has become a serious passion for many gamblers all over the world and is growing quickly in popularity in the United States.  It is described as a bit of a mystery, challenging game of chance, not very well understood.  It tests the nerves of even the most seasoned of gamblers, but is yet simple enough for the novice at the table. Baccarat is almost as easy as taking bets on a coin toss with the winner being the one who gets the closest to nine after the cards have all been drawn.

It’s very easy to understand why players get caught up in the ‘complexities’ of Baccarat.  You would assume that there must be a system or a trick involved with the game given the extravagance of the scene.  There is a very large, exquisite table, multiple dealers, a large lit scoreboard helping you keep track of the history of the results.  Surely, this scoreboard is the answer to what will happen next and your big win.  Gamblers find this game to be based on luck as opposed to being what it simply is…a game of chance.  Once they realize how it actually works, it is much easier to make your own luck with this very easy game.

At a traditional baccarat table a ‘shoe’ (rectangular case holding multiple decks of card) will be passed around to each player who will take turns dispensing cards.  The Banker will get two to begin and the Player will receive two.  You will place your bet on either one, backing either that the banker will come closer to nine with his hand or the Player will do so.  ‘Tableau’ is the term that is used for the drawing system that is used during the Baccarat play.  The players around the table do not get to say whether either the Banker or the Player gets to draw a card or not.  They have no participation in the game other than making their bets and dispensing the cards.  They simply sit back and watch what happens hoping for a win.

There are no skills or strategies that will aid you in doing better than another player. There are no clear-cut systems for you to use.  You can’t work harder at trying to pull down the house’s edge.  Having that scoreboard and knowing what has happened before does not do a thing in impacting the next result.  These are randomly dealt cards and each result is completely independent of the one before.  There could be nine wins by the Banker in a row, but he could still come along and win on the tenth game.  There is no rhyme or reason.  The same 50-50 odds exist, no particular system.  There is, however, a house edge.


On any given hand of Baccarat, the Banker is always the best bet.  After the initial two cards have hit the table, the Banker is able to examine the Player hand before drawing their card.  Based on Baccarat tableau, the Player is forced to stand if the cards total six or seven but the Player has to draw another card if the cards total five or below.  If the Player stands, the tableau insists that the Banker has to take a card on their totals of five or lower.  If the Player has drawn a card, the Banker is only forced to draw a card if their totals are zero, one or two.  Most casinos will charge a 5% commission on players who win Banker’s hands because of the Banker having the edge.  


There you have it.  The odds with Baccarat are to bet on the Banker, but to throw a little variety in, take a few chances on the Player. Don’t try to create a system for yourself.  It won’t work with this game.

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